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Quick Hits Q&A with Mundelein Police Officer Trevor McElroy

By Dan Campana

Mundelein Police Officer Trevor McElroy received plenty of attention after he jumped into action in June to help save the life of a man suffering a heart attack.

McElroy, nearing his seventh anniversary with the department, knows what it means to be there for someone in moment of need. He remains thankful for the help and support he received from others after suffering injuries twice in Iraq during his four years in the Marine Corps.

The two-time recipient of a Purple Heart, McElroy earned his college degree after the military and has been with the patrol division since his arrival in Mundelein.

In the latest Ten Two News Quick Hits Q&A, McElroy discusses his career and shares the credit for the June life-saving incident.

Ten Two News: What got you into law enforcement in the first place? What’s kept you engaged in it?

McElroy: “I decided to pursue a career in law enforcement because I enjoy helping people. I enjoy helping people through difficult times. This year alone, while working with other Mundelein officers, I was able to de-escalate a situation with a suicidal subject and get him to the hospital safely. I administered another subject Narcan and he subsequently came to after another dose was given by rescue. It feels great to help people when they are in need.”

TTN: Police officers protect people every day. What is different about saving someone, as you did, who is suffering from a serious medical emergency?

McElroy: “Protecting a person and assisting a person with a serious medical issue are the same thing. It’s a difficult time for that person and we (police) are here to help.”

TTN: How would you describe the incident with the man suffering a heart attack?

McElroy: “The quick response by citizens, first responders and hospital staff working together to save a life. I want to strongly emphasize that I didn’t save his life alone – I played a role in saving his life. The citizens, myself, rescue and hospital staff worked together to save his life. I am very happy with the outcome and with how everyone performed on scene. Any other officer would have done the same thing if they were in my position. Many officers have already been involved in these types of incidents.

“When I was injured in Iraq, I am very grateful for the assistance I received from the Marines I served with. I am lucky to have the opportunity to help others in need.”

TTN: For those who don’t know much about Mundelein, what’s something they should know about the community you serve?

McElroy: “It’s a diverse community.”

TTN: Future career goals?

McElroy: “Continue helping people.”