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50 Badges: Little Rock Police Officer Cole Reppond – Arkansas

Arkansas officer lives by idea of ‘do unto others’

By Dan Campana

Little Rock Police Officer Cole Reppond didn’t do it for the attention; he just followed his heart and a simple principle.

“I believe that when you do good things for people, that is just how people should act,” Reppond said. “I was raised in church and was always taught to remember Luke 6:31: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ That verse has always been important to me.”

Reppond is barely 18 months into his career as a patrol officer. He works midnights assigned to Little Rock’s Southwest Patrol Division – and that’s how he found himself in a situation where compassion guided him.

He responded to a call of a disturbance at a local Waffle House restaurant where a man had ordered food and ate his meal, but had not paid for it. Law enforcement instincts told him this was not a typical dine-and-dash-type incident.

“I could see the man sitting at the counter with his head down. He was not trying to leave or argue with the workers at the restaurant like someone would be if they were trying to run out on a bill,” Reppond recalled. “After speaking with the man, I could tell that it was not his intention to leave without paying. He had some money, but it wasn’t enough to cover his bill, so I covered the bill for him.

“Honestly this is just a reflection of how I was raised by my parents,” he added.

The moment was about respect. While he believes in treating others the way he wants to be treated, Reppond also strives to respect people no matter how challenging that might be in the heat of the moment.

“Our job as police officers is to serve and protect. Sometimes this job puts us in bad situations with bad people, but I still do my best to treat everyone with respect,” Reppond explained.

Reppond grew up with respect and admiration for police officers, which ultimately led him down a path to become one himself. Helping others also played a part in his career choice.

“Being a police officer is a great honor to me. I love my job. I love being able to help people in their time of need,” he said. “I have always felt like it took a special person to go out every day and put their life on the line for complete strangers.”

That said, he’s steadfast in doing his job with no expectation someone will say thank you. He doesn’t aim to derive gratification from actions he knows is right or just. Reppond simply does what he does to bring a bit of light to what can be an otherwise challenging environment for police officers.

“There is too much negative in the world right now, so if I’m in a situation where I can do something good for someone and bring something positive into their lives, then I will always do it,” he offered.

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